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Services are available to persons living in their own home and living with their family or paid companion. Services may also be provided to persons living in small group homes where no more than four persons may reside.  The local authority provides service coordination.

We Offer

Residential Support Services

This service allows the individual to reside in a group home setting receiving direct care services from trained 24-hour awake staff.

Supported Home Living

Support is provided to individuals residing in their own residence or the residence of their natural or adoptive family.

Host Home Companion Care Provider

contracted by the HCS provider and provides direct personal assistance with activities of daily living; assistance with housekeeping.

We Offer

Training and Support

Training and support activities which promote the individual’s integration and participation in the community


Assistance for individuals who cannot manage their personal care needs during day habilitation activities


Transportation is necessary for the individual’s participation in day habilitation activities.

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