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Frequently Asked Questions

Anointed Caring Homes, Inc. is committed to providing elite services and programs which are tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of our clients.  Anointed Caring Homes, Inc. strives to ensure the dignity of each person we serve is respected and their rights are protected.

Overall our goal is to provide a service that will lead individuals to become less dependent and able to make choices about their own lives so that they are able to live normal lives to their fullest potential.

2. Why did you or your organization decide to serve persons with Intellectual Disabilities?

3. How long have you and/or your organization been serving persons with Intellectual and/or developmental disabilities?

4. What type of experience does your staff have serving persons with intellectual disabilities and special problems such as mental illness or Autism? Could you provide records of training your staff has received, specific to various disabilities and/or conditions?

5. Tell me about the level of training, experience, and required credentialing for staff providing services to individuals.

pre-service training, annual training and training specific to the individual served. Training includes, but is not limited to, CPR and First Aid, Signs and Symptoms of Illness, Special Needs specific to the individual, Medication Management and Administration, Verbal and Physical Intervention, Confidentiality, Abuse and Neglect, Rights, Documentation and Reporting, Ethics, Fire and Safety, HCS Program review, Infection Control, Nutrition, Oral Hygiene, Lifting and Positioning, Personnel Policies and Procedures, Injury prevention, and ACH Program Philosophy.

6. Describe ways in which you involve the individuals, guardians, and family members in the

development of the individual’s program. How do you incorporate a family’s preference when they are different from what the agency wants?

7. Does your agency have experienced and professional staff who train new staff or provide mentoring?

8. Does your agency train staff in any type of crisis intervention?

How does your agency develop plans for persons with behavior problems? Are plans approved by a Behavior Therapy Committee, Human Rights Committee or by a pschologist? If plans are reviewed by a Human Rights Committee, is the Human Rights Committee made up of outside members, professionals, parents and individuals?

10. What are your policies regarding visitors?

11. What are your policies regarding privacy?

12. What type of leisure/recreational activities will be available? Does my family member choose their daily routine?

13. What type of transportation does your program provide?

vehicles owned by the agency.

14. How do you accommodate persons who are non-ambulatory?

15. Do you have staff who speaks other languages? If not, will you have an interpreter available?

16. How do you accommodate persons who are non-verbal? Is staff trained in sign language or augmentative communication devices?

17. What provision will your company make for my family member to attend the religious services of his or her choice?

18. What are your back-up procedures when there is an emergency?

19. Is staff available to support my family member to participate in activities in the community? (e.g., Girl Scouts, religious activities, sports)

20. How and where will my family member be cared for when he or she is ill?

21. Do you have medical staff on site or on call for medical or dental issues? Is medical staff willing to practice/rehearse with my family member what to expect when going to the doctor, hospital or dentist?

22. What choices will my family member have concerning day programming, vocational training, supported employment, etc.?

actively promotes contracting with other community providers of these services.

23. Describe how staff trains individuals in daily living skills.

24. What geographical locations do you serve?

25. Will the home serving my family member be located in close proximity to school / day program /place of employment?

26. How does your agency build community awareness about persons with disabilities moving into their neighborhood? How does your agency resolve concerns from neighborhood families?

27. Describe your complaint process.

28. What screenings do you require when staff members are hired (drug screen, criminal background check, abuse/neglect)?

29. How many persons does your program serve presently? What is the maximum number that can be served?

30. Do you have a reference list of families that I could talk to regarding the services your  

organization has provided to their family member?

31. What is your staff-to-individual ratio?

home ratio’s range from one-to-one support to one-to three.

32. Do you lease or own your residential homes? Do you have short-term or long-term leases?

33. How are individual finances managed?Can I manage the finances for my loved one?

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